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[17 Apr 2005|06:35pm]

This community doesn't seem to get any love :(

I guess that makes sense though, given the lack of anything "littleton" going on with a lot of us.

So, when are you guys coming home for the summer? I should be back by may 9th.

We should totally have some like, wild parties to commemorate everyone's homecoming/surviving another year :)
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[31 Jul 2004|04:06pm]

scooters profile on jboynineteen

I Love shannon

Scott + Shannon forever
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AHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA [10 May 2004|12:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

Dear God this community is begging for an update


So who IS this?Collapse )

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Coke in the LTown [12 Apr 2004|01:57pm]

I thought i should share this with everyone.

The Littleton Coke Shop
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Have you seen me? [20 Feb 2004|02:37pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Hmm, I think they are missing a certain Iraqi...

Just take a look and comment...

UPDATE: If you look, two of them live together...

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Hahahaha [19 Feb 2004|04:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

In suit with Mr. Goguen's post on Jared Doyle, here is a little snippet from last week's ploice log.

Monday, Feb. 9
1:30 p.m., police arrested Daniel Cournoyer, 17, of 147 King St. 217 in Littleton and charged him with assault and battery. This incident occurred at the high school where Cournoyer allegedly pushed his girl friend against a locker and attempted to choke her, according to the police report.

Tuesday, Feb. 10
7:07 p.m., an 18-year-old boy slapped a 16-year-old girl in the face at the high school. Charges are pending.

I love high school. So fun-filled and full of adventure.

On another note, I didn't think the newspaper was allowed to publish the names of minors. Are they?

Oh, and here's one that reminds me of Scooter.
Thursday, Feb. 12
6:54 p.m., a 17-year-old male reported that three girls, ages 11, 14 and 14, had beaten him up. Police are investigating.

Talk about suck.

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The littleton, massafuckinchussetts experience, featuring Gogar [09 Feb 2004|06:01pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello-gar everyone!
Hello-gar andy especially, thanks for the invite!

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[10 Nov 2003|12:43am]

[ mood | amused ]

a lot of you have probably seen it.

but if not, you need to.


haha. fuckers.

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Girl, you know it's true. [08 Nov 2003|01:39am]

[ mood | curious ]

Just for the record:
Littleton houses the finest boys I've ever had the pleasure of encoutering, inside and outside of the bedroom.

Better than $2.99 Tuesdays at Subway...
Better than Mr. T's apparel choice
Better than realizing every time you make Ramen, it only takes a mere 3 minutes.
Better than it allllll.

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[04 Nov 2003|02:07pm]

alright, well, i'm sick of the lack of updates here. i've been meaning to post a story here, but i dunno, i'm lazy. my entries are usually short and sweet and well, writing this story, even though it isn't very long, would actually make me focus for a bit, but i'll give it a go. it's a story some or all of you may have heard, but hey, maybe ya haven't.

lets take a trip back in time if you don't mind.

the year...i forget, what year was ninth grade? whatever, it was sometime in ninth grade. i know this for sure because of many reasons. one, andy mcquilken was still in our school. two, i still had lordon. three, i believe this was the last year i regularly went to littleton basketball games.
the setting? oh that good old littleton junior/senior high school. even though it's a middle school now, i'll always remember it as my high school.

well, it was a lazy afternoon that led to a lazy evening. i had been hanging out with that good old max wyneken and andy mcquilken before the basketball game later that night. at some point during the varsity game, we grew restless and needed to do something, so we found ourselves wandering the school. now, at this point in the day, the rooms are generally all locked (with the only exception being when the janitors were in the room). well, as we passed by lordon's (she doesn't deserve a ms. in front of her name, she was a creature, not a woman) math room we noticed the door was open slightly! the demonic thoughts that entered our heads were many, i'm sure, but for this situation, we deemed a subtle victory was the best victory we could get.

after a few minutes of discussion we determined what the deed was to be. a way to get at that horrid bitch EVERY day for the rest of the year, or at least until she got a new computer. we decided to evacuate our bladders on her keyboard. well, max and i did, andy, who had no qualms with performing fellatio on himself, declined to do so. so two of us looked out while each max and myself took a turn. we then left, without destroying anything, and went back to watch the end of the game.

the laughter we shared while she typed away at the computer everyday was almost worth the hell that she put us through. almost.

that is my story, hopefully it will fuel some usage of this community.
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