she's into parties & trash talk. (pukkatukka) wrote in littleton,
she's into parties & trash talk.

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Girl, you know it's true.

Just for the record:
Littleton houses the finest boys I've ever had the pleasure of encoutering, inside and outside of the bedroom.

Better than $2.99 Tuesdays at Subway...
Better than Mr. T's apparel choice
Better than realizing every time you make Ramen, it only takes a mere 3 minutes.
Better than it allllll.
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November 8 2003, 11:24:55 UTC 14 years ago

hah, that statement comfirms everything good that I have heard about you
I hope something about my near anti-gravity FEATS in the bedroom were mentioned.
Because those were unwordly.
I just came thinking about them.

Cassie :)
You and me both.
You know how we do!
Cassie :)


November 8 2003, 22:49:30 UTC 14 years ago

unfortunately, nate and john neglected to mention those to me when I saw them, shame on you two. . . just kidding, but now you're putting ideas into my head. . .
Those fuckers.
I'm going to all Spanish Inquisition on their asses and interrogate them, whilst performing alittle torture thrown in.
Now, this is getting sexual...and I LIKE IT!
Cassie :)